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Reykjavík to Vestmannaeyjar 

7 days of exotic travel

Arvor 250 is a great boat that can take up to 5 people.

You can rent it with or without a captain. In order to rent the boat without a captain,

you have to have validated sailing certificate.

The possibilities are endless, it is up to you what purpose the trip has, it can vary from just sailing and enjoying the nature, to going fishing.


The boat is equipped with a radar, deep sound fish finder, etc full navigation equipment  and CD stereo music system.


The boat has full regulation safety equipment:

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Fire blanket

  • First aid kit

  • Life jackets

  • Life boat


In addition, the boat provides with everything needed for fishing, also an oven, stove, and refrigerator.

There is a four hour minimum rent on this boat.

Half a day is four hours and starts either at 9am or 2pm.

A whole day is eight hours and starts at 9am.

Other timing available upon request.


Price for 4 hours : 90.000 ISK.

Price for 8 hours : 150.000 ISK.



  Here is a suggestion of sea adventure

to the Vestmannaeyjar



1st stop Towns in the Capital regions



Leaving Reykjavík, you might opt for Hafnarfjörður or Reykjanesbær (Keflavík) that are only 15 and 25 nautical miles away, respectively. Both these large towns (in the Icelandic context) are equipped with good ports, however they are not adjacent to the floating pier where you either dock next to a larger boat or directly at the pier.  Both these towns contain good swimming pools that come highly recommended. You can find all the relevant information at or There you can find all necessary information regarding places to visit, swimming pool and other recreational activities, shopping, services, etc., including where water and oil can be purchased.

2nd stop  The Reykjanes peninsula

The distance between Reykjanesbær and the nearest towns, Sandgerði and Grindavík, is 15 and 20 nautical miles respectively. Both these towns were typical fishing towns where daily life was formed around and by fisheries and fish processing, however, they have recently grown into more complex entities. Both towns contain shops and good swimming pools, as well as other recreations, including outdoor activities and general sightseeing. Sailing by the Reykjanes peninsula, one has to be careful to check the weather forecast beforehand ( as it might be wise, if not necessary, to avoid being close to the shore in certain weather, i.e. when the wind drives currents towards to shoreline not the other way around, which might prove hazardous. In good weather is a stroll along the shoreline a great adventure, spend some time whale watching or just enjoying the freedom of the sea or even catch a fish or two.

(NB! One shall emphasize that special care should be taken in regard to marking the sailing route).

3rd stop  Vestmannaeyjar  (The Westman Islands), incl. Heimaey  


The route from Sandgerði or Grindavík to the historic Westman Islands, south of the Icelandic “mainland”,  is around 65-70 nautical miles. The town of Vestmannaeyjar is a very interesting place, very popular with tourists and marked by historical relevance. One might mention the 1973 volcanic eruption that laid the island more or less waste and is exhibited in various places, most notably in the Gosminjasafn (the special exhibition museum relating to the eruption of 1973). The town also contains shops and various other museums, recreations and exciting adventures both on land and sea. All major services are rendered regarding necessities such as food, oil and pastime activities, incl. swimming. The swimming pool of Vestmannaeyjar is particularly exciting due to the unique blend of water. The most popular recreation relates to sailing around the island in various boats, small or large, sailing into caves and embarking on other sea-relating adventures. Please check the website of Vestmannaeyjar municipality,, and the tour companies or for trips around the various small islands in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. The harbour facilities are maintained by the harbourmaster where you pay a small fee for using the port facilities. 


Small Heading
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