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Arvor 250 is a great boat that can take up to 5 people.

You can rent it with or without a captain. In order to rent the boat without a captain,

you have to have validated sailing certificate.

The possibilities are endless, it is up to you what purpose the trip has, it can vary from just sailing and enjoying the nature, to going fishing.


The boat is equipped with a radar, deep sound fish finder, etc full navigation equipment  and CD stereo music system.


The boat has full regulation safety equipment:

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Fire blanket

  • First aid kit

  • Life jackets

  • Life boat


In addition, the boat provides with everything needed for fishing, also an oven, stove, and refrigerator.

There is a four hour minimum rent on this boat.

Half a day is four hours and starts either at 9am or 2pm.

A whole day is eight hours and starts at 9am.

Other timing available upon request.


Price for 4 hours : 90.000 ISK.

Price for 8 hours : 150.000 ISK.


Hvalfjörður - Hvammsvík

One day (24 hours)


Bavaria 42 - With a captain and food included.


You can sail into Hvalfjörður and stay there for the night at a very beautiful place in Hvammsvík in Kjós.


There is a pier where you can park the yacht and take a look around and then eat a great dinner and enjoy the silence, fresh air, and the magical Icelandic nature.


Maybe have a barbeque and try to catch a fish.

With nice weather you can light a bonfire and have a great evening.


It is very fun to sail this way and enjoy the beautiful nature along the way.


In Hvammsvík there is a hot spring tub which is a very fun and enjoyable to relax in (if open).

2 kayaks are included.

Included in this trip is traditional Icelandic food

For example:

  • Icelandic lamb soup

  • Fish (depending on what we catch)

  • Bread, Icelandic cheese, etc

  • We also take special wishes


Hvalfjörður - Hvammsvík



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