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Welcome to Iceland Yacht Charter

Enjoy Iceland from a fresh perspective


Iceland is now one of the most trendy tourist destinations on earth. But during the peak summer months, the tiny country quickly becomes over run with the large numbers of visitors and roads are packed with cars, tour buses and jeeps. Now it is possible to enjoy all the peak season benefits that Iceland has to offer without the stress of battling the crowds. Iceland Yacht-Charter offers you a unique opportunity to see Iceland from another perspective ─ all while enjoying the privacy and peacefulness of your very own chartered yacht. We have a variety yachts to choose from as well as planned itineraries to some of the most breathtaking locations around the country.


Here is an overview of some of our most popular itineraries ─


  • Whether you are a seasoned sailor with years of sailing experience under your belt, or have no experience in sailing whatsoever, our yachts come equipped with everything you need for a magnificent journey of discovery around Iceland.

Let Iceland Yacht-Charter fulfill your dreams of seeing Iceland as never before.

Iceland Yacht Charter on AQUA TV

Iceland Yacht Charter on AQUA TV

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